Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc.
6/48 May Street,Bayswater WA 6053 Australia.

Scotland (from 1/1/1855)
General Register Office for Scotland
New Register House,
3 West Reguster Street, Edinburgh EHI 3 YT Scotland.

Northen Ireland
Birth & Deaths from 1864 Marriages from 1845, Roman Catholic marriages 1864 0n GRO holds marriages from 1922.
General Register Office Oxford House
49-55 Chichester Street Belfast BTI 4 HL Northen Ireland.

These are some of the address for family history research.

George T Saviel

Monday, June 22, 2009

Genealogy for Beginners

Genealogy for Beginners
Searching for the past history of one's family is a fascinating experience and very worthwhile.
It's fun interesting and sometime there is a financial rewards if you dib up a rich ancestor.
Who were your forebears and where did they come from.
It's generally considered good manners to enclosed a stamped self addressed envelope when corressponding with people or places when researching oversea.
You should use a Pedigree Chart to map out your genealogy it allows you to record your direct line ancestry only- your parents,grandparents and so on.
Brothers,& Sisters,Auntys & Uncles are recored on Family Groups Record Sheets, these forms can be purchased from Genealogical Societies and Family History Groups.
When recording names of married women on the charts you always use the maiden names.
All dates should be written in full, eg. 9 Setember 1868 not 9.9.1868.
Sep for September, Oct. for October is allowed.
Use the Family Groups Record Sheet to document your research as new data is added.
Genealogical research must always be carried out from the known to the unknown and it's more usual to work backwards.
Frequently names were spelt incorrectly particularly in early parish records. This may have been due to either the illiteracy of the paties concerned and thier inability to spell even thier own names.
Or the possible deafness of the registering clerk.
Tracing both genealogy and Family history can be very satisfiying hobbies.
Especially when you realise that the people you are investigating once lived and that you may have inherited thier characteristics & physical features.
Childerns benefits from a knowledge of thier ancestors history become more meaningful to them.
George Thomas Saviel
23 June 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009


Registry of Birth Dearth& Marriages.
Victoria (from Jan.1853)
Registry of Births,Dearths& Marriages.
595 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

NSW (from 1/3/1856)
NSW Registry of Births,Dearths,& Marriages.
35 Regent Street,Chippendale,Sydney NSW 2008.

Queensland (earliest from 1829)
Registry of Births,Dearths,&Marriges.
110 George Street, City East,QLD 4002

England& Wales (from 1/7/1837)
General Register Office
Certificate Service Section PO Box 2 Southport PR8 2JD England.

If anyone like to have thier Family history research send your details to me.
I will do research for you.


George T Saviel
20 June 2009